How long will it be before my Take Charge bag is by my side?

We can only imagine how excited you must be to receive your Take Charge bag so that you can power forth through those busy days & nights without a care in the world, but as with all special things, your bag takes time to make it as awesome as it is. If you’d like to check in on your bag’s progress, drop a message with your order number as a reference & we will be sure to get back to you.

How many times can I charge my Phone or Tablet?

With a fully charged Take Charge battery you can typically charge your smartphone or tablet at least once before the battery will need to be recharged.

Which devices are Take Charge batteries compatible with?

Take Charge powers most smartphones. From the iPhones 5 upward & any smartphone that supports a Micro-USB cable (Samsung, Blackberry etc) we’ve got you covered.

We support all iPad models, including those with a 30 pin adapter & any Micro-USB devices.

How do I recharge my Take Charge bag?

Plug the supplied cable into any USB port. We suggest the head of your existing Smartphone charger as this recharges quicker. A red LED will display when it is recharging and a blue light will appear when your power bank is fully charged which should take 3.5hrs.

Plug the Micro USB adapter into the power bank. Plug the supplied cable into any USB port. We suggest the head of your existing Smartphone charger as this recharges quicker. The LED’s will start flashing blue when it is recharging and will dim when it is fully charged.

How do I charge my phone or tablet?

Plug the USB adapter into the power bank and plug the relevant adapter head into your device. Each bag comes with a USB charger included. A blue LED will appear when it is recharging your phone, and will disappear when it is depleted and needs to be recharged.

Plug the USB head into the power bank and plug the relevant adapter head into your device and push the button on the powerbank. The LEDs (each one representing 25% battery power) will light up to show that it is charging your device. Once the power has been depleted, these lights will disappear and the powerbank will need to be recharged.

Where does Take Charge leather come from?

Just like you – we love animals. This means that all leather used by Take Charge is obtained legally & no animals have been hunted specifically for its hide only. We do not condone or knowingly participate in the commercialisation of wildlife products where prohibited by law. All of our game products are of sanctioned culls which is necessary to protect herd lands from the devastating effects of over-population. Responsible operators use the proceeds to develop waterholes & other infrastructure to ensure the survival & growth of African herds. By maximising the return to the farmer, better control is afforded which maintains & even improves the value of animals & strengthens each species’ long-term survival prospects. Culling is an important conservation action – it helps to continue the natural cycle of life.

What power banks are used in the Take Charge range?

Purses, fold-over clutches, totes, envelopes and MacBook covers come with a 3000mAh powerbank which charges your Smartphone from a flat to full battery at least 1 and a half times before having to recharge it.

iPads and Weekenders come with a 4600mAh power bank which will charge your tablet one full time from a flat to full battery, and your Smartphone twice.

Do I receive a warranty on my Take Charge bag?

Whilst every effort has been made to check each & every power bank supplied in all Take Charge bags, if yours is in any way faulty or not working correctly, please contact the Take Charge support team by emailing If you have a proof of purchase which dates back less than a year, we will gladly replace it.

Should we receive the bag & find the power bank to be in perfect working order, the courier costs will be be charged to you.

Returns Policy

If you have personalised a purse it cannot be exchanged or refunded unless there is a fault with the bag itself.

Are the adapters genuine Apple products?

The adapters are not genuine Apple products. Take Charge does not guarantee that the adapters used will work with future Apple products or future iOS versions. To purchase genuine Apple adapters please visit an Apple Store.