So you’ve fallen in love with a Take Charge bag, and want it for your birthday/anniversary/graduation/just because, like, now! Lucky for you the Team at Take Charge takes the guess work out of gift time by giving you the option of sending a little nudge to that special someone in the form of a “Gift Hint” where we send a mail to your person giving them a heads up on the item you have your heart set on. Simply supply us with your, theirs and the special occasion’s details and we’ll do the rest. All you have to do is act surprised when you open your new fashionable side-kick!

Firstly, lets get your details

Your full name

Your email address

Your cellphone number

The bag you're lusting after

Now, who would you like to send the hint to?

Their full name

Their email address

Their cellphone number


What's the special occasion?

Date you would like to receive your bag